Drugs and Vaccines Kill Toxins Do Not Heal!
  Upgrading  Human  Awareness 

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Video below exposes TOXIC CHEMICALS in Vaccines!

ALERT: California Assembly
Fast Tracking Forced Vaccination Bill

SB-277 Public health:

Gary Null's
Silent Epidemic;
The Untold Story of Vaccines Movie

Death By Vaccine
A history of virology, bacteriology,
mycology and vaccination

View first 30 minutes of this Xlnt film for FREE!
It appears that the CDC approved toxic vaccines are
being used as depopulation weapons of war against us!

Mass Vaccine Brainwashing
Campaign Exposed

Petition to Repeal Immunity
for Drug Companies Against Vaccine Injuries

The known effects of environmental formaldehyde exposure are:

Vaccine Brain Damage
Cover Up Implodes

Toxic Vaccines are Causing Millions of
Learning Disabilities and Behavioral/Emotional Disorders!
Only the unaware, brain damaged or retarded don't see this!

State Law & Vaccine Requirements

Agency Will Confiscate
Infant If Entire Family Doesn't Get Flu Shots

Rima E. Laibow, MD. - Medical Director

Vaccine Side Effects,
Refuse Vaccines

Vaccination -
to reduce population! (Bill Gates admits)

Autism - Made in the U S A - A Gary Null Film

Vaccines Exposed
Vaccine Education 101 - Simplified!!

What's really in vaccines?
Proof of MSG, formaldehyde, aluminum and mercury

Power Outside The Matrix

Globalism and the push
for mandatory universal vaccination

Latest Update: Sunday July - 12th - 2015 3:00am

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