Governments are NOT only incapable
of protecting us from terrorists,
they are the very CAUSE of terrorism in the first place.

  Upgrading  Human  Awareness 
We can FIX America NOW before the Elite Banksters KILL us ALL!
Let's now examine the FICTION that controls this nation?


Americans were sold out like sheep and we've been LIED to about most everything ever since. America, the now land of the debt-slaves, is one big SCAM for the Zionist Mafia Bankster Criminals to run the world from. These ruthless racketeers also run the world from London and the Vatican in Rome!

When 1% of the population owns and controls 70% of the wealth of America and the rest of us only manage 20% if that. What does that equate to? Corruption and Fraud maybe? Get out of your "Pod" Neo, look around yourself and you will see ALL their LIES and Truth of what We speak of. If you want instead... Prove us wrong about all this... We wish you could, but you can't!" by Anonymous

 "They, the evil parasite bankster elite, are a Cancer among the people of the world and people everywhere need to start monitoring them and stop GIVING them their personal and private information "FREELY". After all they are the "REAL" Terrorists Among Us. Only the sleeping idiots of the world would NOT see this as TRUTH! Wake Up People! STOP being DUMBED DOWN so easily and start to THINK more often. It won' KILL you. They will KILL you in your sleep! The BEAST is here and screwing us every day of our lives at our expense and leisure!" by Anonymous

Dumbing Down America:
The Decline of Education in the US
as Seen From Down Under

Dumbing Down Society Part I:
Foods, Beverages and Meds are dehumanizing the masses
causing brain damage, impaired judgment and even a lower IQ.

"Lincoln said in 1838, "At what point ... is the approach of danger to be expected. I answer, if it ever reach us it must spring up amongst us; it cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen we must live through all time, or die by suicide."

  "Little did he know about the Evil Banksters from Hell and their Nazi Agenda for Global conquest to enslave the people of Earth with their Debt-Scam." by Anonymous

 "The United States Inc. (America) A.K.A., is really just another British Corporation and not the country that stands for freedom and justice as we have been propagandized to believe in by the bankster funded school system and the zionist controlled media. It is still owned, operated and ruled over by the evil Elite British Crown, a criminal cabal organization of ruthless, scumbag attorneys and global banksters that control many countries, corporations and business empires around the world for profit and power." by Anonymous

The American Truth

Take Back Your Power - Josh del Sol

 "Did you know that the "British Crown" controlled fascist republican politicians, got rid of corporate taxes and regulations on financial institutions so that the corporate scumbags can ride for FREE and make the taxpayers (us, the slaves) carry their load." by Anonymous

 "What will it take to get the majority of Americans awake and involved in preventing the total take over of this nation? Right now Americans are being told by the Zionist controlled Bankster Media that everything is OK and under their Control. " by Anonymous

Breaking Big Brother

Citizens for Legitimate Government

Will Obamacare Be Used to Take Away Your Guns?

 "The Corrupt NSA Monitors Millions of Phone Calls, Emails and Bank Transactions in America Everyday At Taxpayer's Expense. We Need to Start Monitoring Them. After all, They Are Federal Terrorists Among Us and need to be under our surveillance 24/7." by Anonymous

The Emperor’s New Clothes


America is being destroyed from within

How Your Child Is Being Dumbed Down

Latest Update: Sunday July - 12th - 2015 3:00am

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Has Entered a New
Level of Tyranny!

Terrorist Plots,
Hatched by the F.B.I.

If You Want To Stop ISIS,
Here Is What It Will Take

Subliminal Suggestion & Mind Control Patents

It’s Time To Withdraw
Your Membership To The United States!


(Please make sure this is clear to you:
when you fail to deny your consent, you agree that you
“understand” the thousands of laws written in the 50+ Tittles
known as the “US Code”, ever heard
“Ignorance of the Law is no excuse”)

Collapse Of America:
It Could Be Stopped But It Won't Be

  "America was invaded/hijacked in 1913 and Re-Created by a foreign sinister cartel of bankster criminals, liars, and thieves bent on defrauding millions of people over the years and enslaving them with "DEBT" forever.

We were scammed royally back then and are still being scammed and financially RAPED today by the same cartel of scumbag banksters! How does it feel knowing they are "DOING" you and us everyday? Not good huh?" by Anonymous

28 U.S. Code § 3002 - Definitions
Cornell University Law School, a Legal Information Institute

How Israeli terrorism and American
treason caused the September 11 Attacks

‘Corporate/Government Fraud and Corruption’
"You cannot put me on trial at the International Court of Justice because
my pall Obama will make sure that I and the other key criminals,
Rumbsfeld and Cheney etc, are protected under new legislation
that is in the system, pending approval by Congress!!!" - G.W. Bush

A film from Freeman Robert Menard (FULL 2 Hr. FILM)

Corrupt Law Enforcement
and Local "De facto" Government Around the Nation
Criminalizes Church Groups Feeding Homeless!

Black’s Law Dictionary 4th Ed. P.504
De facto government. One that maintains itself by a
display of force against the will of the rightful legal
government and is successful, at least temporarily,
in overturning the institutions of the rightful legal
government by setting up its own in lieu thereof.
Wortham v. Walker, 133 Tex. 255, 128 S.W.2d 1138, 1145.

The American Underground Forum

 "Isn’t the Zionist inspired ”War On Terrorism” a tragic satanic thing? It enables the fascist criminal Government mobsters ruled by the Elite Zionist Banksters to arrest, disarm, pervert, extort, defraud, steal, cheat, lie, spend and grow in power. All for the sake of some demented, psychopathic, fiction based, "National InSecurity Syndrome" data-mining extortion racket." by Anonymous

15 States petition
to be withdrawn from the "Bankster Owned" United States Inc.

Is it time for the people of the United States
to consider withdrawing from the corrupt United Nations?

It’s Time To Withdraw
Your Membership To The United States!

Imagine the World Without Her 2014

US Military Reveals Coup Plan To Topple Obama

Why has Obama Fired 197
US Senior Military Commanders in 5 years?

If America is not at war...

Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the Secret Government


Targeting the President:
Evidence of U.S. Government Training Exercises on 9/11

The Corporation  
Of The United States Of America! Is It True?
We Are Not Under Common Law?


ObamaCare is the single greatest act of terrorism
ever perpetrated upon the American public


Obama’s Destroy America Campaign Is Succeeding

Obama’s New World Disorder

Rubio Rips Obama, Calls For 'New American Century'

Alert: Fema Camp Coffins Investigated

Flying over FEMA site!

I am not a Person, or an Individual, or even a human

Search Legal Terms and Definitions


The World Central Bank:
The Bank for International Settlements
The Tower of Basel - Centralbahnplatz 2, 4051, Basel, Switzerland

Military Industrial Complex Prepares Mass Graves for U.S. Citizens

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind
Hidden Secrets of Money

Secrets of the Fed

The Global Banking System

Banking - the Greatest Scam on Earth

Personal Liberty Digest


Brotherhood Of The Bell

Defrauding America

List of federal political
scandals in the United States

Islamic Terror Attacks on American Soil

History of American False Flag Operations


Dumbing Down America

17 Simple Ways To Avoid
Trouble At Music Festivals

Citizens America Party

Simon Black - Sovereign Man website

Environmental Fascism:
The Ecofascists Are Slowly But Surely
Taking Over America

End of America: As We Know It!

What Is Bohemian Grove,
What Happens At The Grove?
Do Our Psychopathic Leaders
Practice Demonic Rituals There?
YES! The Global Elite gather there
to conspire to create a NWO and enslave
the masses! It's what they do!

Tea Party Anarchists and Other Assorted Patriots

Code of federal regulations

American Government Federal Laws

Code of Federal Regulations (Annual Edition)

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations
e-CFR Data is current as of March 5, 2014

Code and Regulations
Presents the full text of the Internal Revenue Code Tax Code

CFR - Table of Contents
From Cornell University Law School - Legal Information Institute

 "Did you also know that the mafia IRS is also a private extortion racket, strictly-for-profit, "FOREIGN" income gathering, non-tax-paying parasite corporation funded and controlled by the corrupt international banksters cartel run from Basel, Switzerland known as The World Central Bank. The Bank for International Settlements, which was used to launder money for the Nazis in World War II. It uses it's money and wealth to draw national governments into debt for the IMF." by Anonymous

 "America has now become the Greatest Terrorist Force on the Planet and is being funded by worthless fiat "Funny-Money" printed at will by global terrorist banksters. How sad it is that this once Great Nation with so much potential for GOOD is now being controlled and manipulated by a hand full of ruthless degenerate psychopathic Banksters! Amazing! OMG! How much more insane can it get? Really! When will we ever seriously want to FIX this tragic situation?

We know now that "America" the nation, was hijacked in 1913 by the banksters without any resistance on our part. The piss-ant corporate traitor of the US Inc., President Wilson, an Elite controlled shill, who had no choice, gave it to them on a silver platter, without us americans knowing it. Was this legal? No, it was not. After that, the country headed down the toilet as expected. And here we are today, still in the CRAPPER!