The attacks on our privacy are growing rapidly.
  Uncovering  Heinous  Atrocities 

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Natural News founder Mike Adams wrote
about the dangers of Obamacare - 12-12-12

Total Emergency Alert 1: Elite Now Evacuating - 6-20-15


Alert: The Entire Federal Martial Law Plan Exposed

The Alex Jones Show:
U.S. Economy in Peril - 6-21-15

Obama’s “Fast and Furious”
Gun-running Scandal Grows

Who IsTrading On Your

Inside the World of Big Money Asset Protection

Special Forces Train With Cops For House to House Raids

The Real Reason
the U.S. is Targeting Russia

Resilient Military Systems
and the Advanced Cyber Threat

U.S. weapons system designs
compromised by Chinese cyberspies

U.S. said to be target
of massive cyber-espionage campaign

A Conspiracy History of the World, Andy Thomas

NSA Surveillance
and What To Do About It

Powerful David Icke Interview with Alex Jones

U.S. Vulnerable to ‘Cyber Pearl Harbor’

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Massive, Decades-Long
Cyberespionage Framework Uncovered


Inventor TESLA mysteriously died!

Chinese government, military behind cyberspying

The Tor Network (with Jacob Applebaum)

NSA Spying Program

RFID Treehouse of Horror

Drones - where are we going?

The US and The “Muslim Brotherhood”:
State-sponsored Terrorism In Full Gear

FBI Looks for Leaks
at Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court

How China Benefits From U.S. Technology

Anonymous Declares War On Islamic Extremists


NASA Preps For Asteroids, & More!

LaRouche’s January 3 Webcast:
The Most Important Webcast in the History of Mankind

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Living in poverty is like being punched in the face
over and over and over on a daily basis forever.

Anarchist News

Obama's Crimes
Against America

Chinese hackers
steal Israel’s Iron Dome missile data

U.S. Officials Say
Chinese Cyberespionage ‘Needs to Stop’

Top Gov't Secrets of The Past 50 Years

2015 Conspiracies & Mysteries

Kaspersky’s Videos

News Insider

America’s drone attacks in Pakistan

Revealing the American Take-Over

The Washington Post

Water Car Inventor Murdered

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The Red Pill Press

5 Disturbing reasons
not to trust the news (From a Reporter)

How a Comedy Article
Got Me Placed On the No-Fly List

Sean David Morton

Big Int'l News

Counter Syops

The Jewish Problem

Apocalypse Network

For Everybody... Every Day Should Be

News Link and Info

Buzz Feed News

Christopher Bollyn

Alternative Truth Press

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News World Order

Don't Tread On Me

Threat Pos: Dennis Fisher

How a $10 USB Charger
Can Record Your Keystrokes Over the Air


NSA spying for ‘criminal US government’: Analyst


Video Uploads by Belligerent Politics

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